Our Company

LEAF is a manufacturer of renewable and carbon-neutral polyol, offering Polyurethane 4.0 solution with recyclable and biodegradable properties for various applications across different industry sectors 

Our Mission, Vision AND Values


To create and provide the world’s best sustainable polyurethane solutions, contributing to the industry’s ability to offer products in harmony with the environment and the planet.


We are the most innovative producer in the polyurethane industry, offering excellent and sustainable products with superior performance.


● Joy
● Dialogue
● Commitment

● Innovation
● Belonging


We are driven by performance, the environment, and care for our people.

Added Value: this is our purpose!

The LEAF product line adds value to the product portfolio of its customers

Cost-effective product

Quality within the ESG framework, while facilitating access to our product for companies. This adds value, notoriety and premium throughout the chain

Customer Support: Our Excellence

LEAF delivers an innovative customer experience in the chemical industry

High Performance Technical Team

Team with more than 30 years of experience in the chemical and PU industry, with renowned names in the global market

Dedicated Technical Support per Application

Guarantee of the best technical solution delivery for each application of the PU segment

In-House Support

Training, testing, monitoring & support in prototype development for new applications

Real-Time Order Tracking

For customers looking for precision and agility in their processes, LEAF has a real-time order tracking service, optimizing their inventory and production