Is there a sustainable, viable and scalable solution for polyurethane technology?

The polyurethane revolution is LEAF

The first renewable vegetable polyol that produces non-toxic*, 100% biodegradable* and recyclable foams with high application performance and a negative carbon footprint.

*Properties verified under specific test conditions according to international standards.


LEAF is biodegradable

Proven results indicate that the foam produced with LEAF polyol decomposes in 60 days under conditions favorable to biodegradation.

LEAF is recyclable

Maintains the same properties after being recycled

LEAF is a circular product

Perfect for reuse in new cycles and generates no waste or residue.

LEAF is safe

Tests have shown that the foams are non-toxic to certain aquatic organisms.

LEAF is biodegradable

When exposed to normal conditions in soil, LEAF-based foam decomposes without harming
the environment.

LEAF is recyclable

Retains the same characteristics after being recycled.

LEAF is a circular product

Perfect for reuse, not generating waste.

LEAF is non-toxic

Non-toxic to animals, humans, and the environment

LEAF is NET ZERO and this affects its entire production chain*


Polyol with a negative carbon footprint – audited and certified

Foams produced with LEAF polyol have a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Opportunity for usage throughout the chain

Certified by SGS