LEAF delivers environmental benefits throughout its lifecycle, making a positive impact across the entire value chain.

Foams produced from LEAF are biodegradable, recyclable and net zero carbon.

At LEAF, we integrate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles into our DNA, shaping every stage of our life cycle. Our raw materials are extracted from small family farmers, underlining our commitment to sustainable sources.

LEAF polyol, produced efficiently and with low energy consumption, is the epicenter of our innovation. Using it in the production of polyurethanes results in biodegradable products, promoting an environmentally friendly solution, free of toxic waste.

Fueled by LEAF’s strong leadership, we cultivate responsible business practices, transparency with our consumers and the general public. Our commitment to sustainability goes further, aiming for an environmentally conscious future. Together, we are weaving a story of innovation and responsibility, where every choice positively impacts the planet.

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Carbon footprint

LEAF contributes to reducing carbon footprints by replacing traditional petrochemical-based polyols with renewable resources. 

It is a sustainable and ecological alternative, biodegradable and non-toxic, making it safe for use in various products.

In doing so, it helps reduce the environmental impact of production and manufacturing processes.

Exceptional carbon footprint results

In a life cycle study, a cradle-to-grave analysis by a specialized company compared CO2 emissions between LEAF polyol production and fossil polyol production.

In the scenario comparison, we have the following results:

Fossil polyol: +3.93 kg CO2eq/kg polyol  positive carbon emission


LEAF polyol: -0.73kg CO2eq/kg polyol  → negative carbon emission

Each ton of LEAF allows foamers/transformers to offset 730kg of carbon, which can be turned into credit in the chain*

*cenário comparativo de produto de linha LEAF, considerando produção brasileira para uma linha específica. Os resultados podem variar de acordo com diferentes fatores.


LEAF delivers environmental benefits throughout its lifecycle, making a positive impact across the entire value chain


A sustainable alternative that decomposes naturally, reducing waste and contributing to a more balanced life cycle.


Polyol with a negative carbon footprint – audited and certified.


Foams made with LEAF polyol undergo biodegradation when subjected to favorable conditions for the action of microorganisms. An innovation in the polyurethane industry that will contribute positively to the future of our planet.